Braced-lets: A Chic New Look for Braces


I wore braces for six months when I was nine years old. The alternative was allowing me to continue to resemble a beaver. The problem is that I didn'??t wear my retainer, so when all was said and done, my teeth (although not beaver status) aren'??t all that straight. Let this be a lesson. Wear your retainer. My husband wore his and he has perfectly beautiful teeth.

So as we wait around to see whether we'??ll have to take on odd jobs to pay for our daughter'??s potential expensive headgear, I reminisce about the fun we used to have with our braces. Flicking those little rubber bands around the room. Bending the wires out of the braces so that your cheek would poof out. Yes, our parents and teachers were thrilled with our creativity.

Recently, I discovered even more fun with braces with Braced-lets. The brainchild of New York City orthodontists Dr. Marc Lemchen and Dr. Jennifer Salzer and Lulu Frost jewelry designer (and Jen'??s sister) Lisa Salzer, Braced-lets are adorable, durable and wearable braceletscrafted entirely out of brand new, authentic orthodontic materials. That'??s right. Something disliked (read: no one likes braces) that is turned into something likeable and fashionable.


These colorful, stretchy power chains are accented with metal brackets and contrasting elastic rubber bands and they are designed to be mixed and matched for countless combinations. The color choices are fantastic'??my daughter'??s favorite is the lavender and baby blue, while I like the chic black and fuchsia. And where would you keep these little accessories? In a colorful retainer box, of course.

My daughter wears these because she thinks they'??re cool. I wear them because I feel like I'??m catching up on wearing my retainer. Better late than never.

Each Braced-let is $4.99 and is available at or on Amazon.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own

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