Let Them Carry Their Own Booster Seat with Sitting Taller

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I love to eat out with my kids, but I cringe at the idea of my daughter sitting on restaurant-owned booster seat. (Especially, when she drops a piece of her lunch on the booster and eats it! Ewww!) When my daughter was a baby, I briefly carted around a plastic booster seat, but gave it up because it was so inconvenient. Now that I know about the booster seat she can easily carry herself, I'm sold.

Sitting Taller has created a booster seat that a child can wear as a lightweight backpack. Since my kids love carrying their backpacks (one of my daughter's first words was "back pack"), they would be happy to carry the booster themselves. Then, lay the entire backpack flat on the seat for a four inch boost.

backpack booster

The backpack is made from recycled rice bags and is available in either pink or blue. Backpacks look fashionable enough to be an actual backpack. In fact, when your child grows out of the booster, you might want to take out the cushion and use it as a regular backpack.

Sitting Taller is partnering with Nomi Network, an organization that trains women who were rescued from sex trafficking to sew. Sitting Taller's backpacks were made by these women in Cambodia.

For ages three to six years. Purchase the Sitting Taller Backpack Booster for $49.99. Visit Sitting Taller to find out more. Be sure to check out Sitting Taller's adult booster seats, too!

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a booster seat for reviewing purposes.

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