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Bonding Over Beauty with LittleMissMatched

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Moms and aunts of tween girls, if you'??re looking for a way to connect with your girls, look no further. The lovely folks over at LittleMissMatched and the beauty expert, author, and television personality, Erika Katz have got you covered! Recently, Momtrends was invited to the LittleMissMatched Bonding Over Beauty event in which the brand celebrated their debut into the beauty and cosmetics world by launching their new fragrance, lip gloss, and nail art, all under the brand name You Be You.


There are many things to love about LittleMissMatched. For starters, they are a brand that encourages and celebrates individuality through their products. It started with mix-matching fabrics and patterns on socks '?? '??3 socks, 2 feet, 1 you.'? As their brand grew into apparel and accessories, books and bedding, they adopted the term '??You Be You,'? a very fitting motto for tween girls trying to find their way by fitting in and by also being an individual. This motto encourages self expression, creativity, and for everyone to '??think outside the socks.'?


Now there is one more reason to love LittleMissMatched. Their lip gloss, new fragrance, and nail art will make any tween feel even more confident and fabulous.

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At the Bonding Over Beauty event, Erika Katz discussed her new book of the same name as well as tips and tricks for parents to connect with tween girls. Written with love, compassion, and a little bit of sugar, Bonding Over Beauty offers information that is practical and fun.

There are so many suggestions in the book and each chapter is devoted to a specific topic '?? hair care, skin care, makeup, unwanted hair and shaving, puberty and hygiene, nutrition and fitness, and even aromatherapy. These are all delicate and sensitive topics, and Katz knows this all too well. She has a tween daughter of her own, and has '??been there, tried that.'? That'??s why, in each chapter, she offers her personal trials and triumphs on the topic at hand.

In the chapter entitled, '??Bonding over Her Hair,'? Katz consults with top-notch hair care experts to offer advice to readers. Katz also offers advice from her own experiences, stating that her idea of pretty conflicted with her daughter'??s idea of fabulous. She suggests allowing tween girls to wear their hair the way that they like it as long as they keep it clean and healthy.


In the '??Bonding over How She Cares for Her Skin'? chapter, Katz talks about connecting with her daughter over shower gels and lotions. Seriously. Each night, Katz offers her daughter a body scrub to use or a new shower gel to try out. When she gets out of the shower, Katz allows her daughter to pick out her favorite body lotion and then gives her a little back massage as they talk about her daughter'??s day. What a great way to start a dialogue and to teach the importance of moisturizing!

The LittleMissMatched new beauty and cosmetics line as well as Erika Katz'??s Bonding Over Beauty book make for great holiday gifts. Visit their websites to get more information about each product.

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