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I love trying our new recipes that celebrate the season. So getting a last-minute offer to visit the hot new food talk show, The Chew, was perfect timing. I needed Thanksgiving inspiration and they provided it.

Thanks to my good friend Dawn Sandomeno, I took her spot at the 'tasting table' and got to nosh on Mario Batali's inspired Alscacian cooking. Yum. The show is dedicated to bringing fun inoto the kitchen. Banter came naturally to this crew and the audience ate up the fun.

After the intro, Mario launched into whipping up his Mario Batali's Alsatian Tarte Flambee which was a great twist on traditional potatoes--rich and bursting with flavor. Click here for the recipe. Next they interviewed Andre Brauer and talked about his new show as Daphne and Michael whipped up Hand Pies. They were a lighter twist on the traditional pie. And I am going to attempt this recipe tomorrow! Click here for the details. The final segment was about mixing up festive cocktails and mocktails with Sierra Mist.

To see all the show segments that happened during my visit click here.

After the show wrapped, we got to meet all the hosts and sip some Sierra Mist. The tea mist drink was delish and so refreshing. Mario and I talked about traveling with kids. He regaled me of stories of his trip to Croatia. They sailed from port to port--he highly recommends it. And Clinton dished about his fabulous dressing room. Each host was lovelier than the next. That group has chemistry in the kitchen and out! This is a great show to attend if you are visiting NYC!

Click here for the Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash recipes

To find out more about Sierra Mist visit

Wish me luck recreating Daphne's hand-pies tomorrow.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. I am supposed to get goodies from Sierra Mist.

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