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Bee Raw Honey


Honey is a staple in our house. We use it to replace sugar in many recipes, add it to oatmeal, and use it medicinally to fight sore throats. Since my allergies are so terrible, I use local honey to help fight seasonal allergies. All honey is not created equal and even my young children can tell the difference between processed honey and the real deal we get from the farmers' market.


Bee Raw Honey is the real deal. I loved how Bee Raw Honey came in glass containers which I will not only reuse but don't have to worry about the host of issues associated with plastic. Bee Raw Honey is raw, smooth and absolutely delicious. We had to restrain ourselves from eating the entire Wild Raspberry honey in one sitting. The taste was incredible light, perfectly sweet, with a hint of delicious raspberry. We think Bee Raw Honey would make a beautiful gift for those looking to give a useful, healthy and attractive gift this holiday season.

bee raw

Honey is also:

  • A go-to staple in every savvy chef'??s kitchen, alongside olive oil and sea salt.
  • A natural energy booster.
  •  An excellent beauty product ingredient that retains and absorbs moisture.
  • Able to last hundreds of years if properly stored.
  •  A former type of Ancient Egyptian currency!?

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Growing up on his family'??s Northwestern Pennsylvania farm, Bee Raw Honey Founder Zeke Freeman gained an appreciation for homegrown, artisanal food products. Combining this sentiment with a culinary passion strengthened by years in France working with esteemed chefs like Alain Ducasse, Zeke, together with his wife Marissa, now partners with family owned beekeepers around the country and ships nationwide from their Brooklyn headquarters. The proud parents of twins Gray and Kit, Zeke and Marissa often turn to honey as everything from a cold soother'??a sick-day remedy their family calls the '??honey popsicle stick'?'??to a natural, sweet snack for their kids.


Don't you just love the cherrywood honey dipper? I love the taste, presentation and the many uses I have lined up for Bee Raw Honey. Visit to place your order and also find honey pairings, recipes and more.

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