Beauty & Beyond: Tips on Keeping Your Hair Color Beautiful

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Things are a-changin'. Seasons. Leaves. Clothing. My desire to get out of bed. No, that one has always remained a non-issue. Even when it was lighter out in the morning, I still didn't want to get out of the covers. But the other things? Those are changing.

As we watch summer blend into fall and trees turn into rainbows of color, I also love to think about changing up my hair color. And no I don't mean rainbows. It's time to trade in those bright face-framing highlights for something warmer (unless you're a blonde, then carry on, my pretty).

I'??m loving all the long luscious locks in chocolate brown for fall (stay tuned for a post on getting that long elegant pony tail you've been coveting). This season, there'??s a new brown-on-brown tone with rich low-lights of chocolate blended into darker brunette shades. And, I'??m sorry to say, I'??m also excited to see ombre still on the list of color trends. As well as the firey reds that we've been seeing.

Regardless of what you do for your 'do, it'??s clear the upcoming season is all about color. Whether it'??s the bright reds of Emma Stone (IMO she can do no wrong) or the rich browns of half of Hollywood'??s "it" girls, color yourself ready to pay big bucks for your hair this season.

I tapped Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, author of How to Look Expensive, for tips on how to maintain your hair color investment. Here are a few she offered:

1. If you ask your stylist to do a finer highlight at the root that gets thicker down the length of your hair, you'll avoid a severe root line. This translates to not spending the extra cash on the constant up-keep of harsh grow-out.

2. Waiting 48 hours after fresh color before washing it gives your it some time to settle into your roots and hair.

3. Avoid washing hair every day. The less often you wash, the less your color will fade. Feeling a little greasy? Try dry shampoo to sop up roots between shampoos. I love Bumble and bumble hair powder but since this dry shampoo is colored, it can tend to show up on über-white scalps. Tread (and shake on) lightly. I also like Acure Organic dry shampoo. This white powder soaks up oil while Argan Stem Cells + CoQ10 add a keratin boosting moisture complex.

4. Use high-tech anti-color faders. It'??s not a marketing hype. Products designed to maintain the color in color-treated hair can help prevent fading, keep color true, and put back needed hydration. One of my favorites is Alterna's Bamboo Color Care UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide, which uses color-locking, damage-locking kalahari melon extract to keep your color in place. And don't forget to see if your favorite shampoo/conditioner combo has a color safe version. Always choose finishing products with UV protection, since the sun fades worse than anything.

5. Invest in a water filter for your showerhead. This filter will remove water minerals like chlorine from the water, which can fade or distort your color (turning it green or brassy). You can pick one up for $20 at Home Depot, but some go up to around $120 like the Couture Color Resc-Hue Water Purification System. This is a small price to pay to keep the green in your wallet and not in your hair.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.'?¨

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