Beauty & Beyond: The British Edition


Our little beauty started kindergarten last Wednesday. Since her preschool class was at the same private school as her K-8 (just in a different building), there were friendly faces everywhere. Knowing 10 of the kids in her new class made it a bit of a reunion. We were happy and at peace leaving her for the day.

Then there were the new kids. Clinging to their parents, trying to become one with their pant's leg. There were tears both young and old. I even got a little upset when I saw a girl begging her mom to stay with her. If my heart was breaking, how did her mom feel?

Whether it'??s a birthday party, school or a new sports team, leaving your kids in an environment they don'??t want to be in is one of the hardest things for a parent to have to do. But we all know that the first-day jitters subside.

But what if they don'??t. What if your kid isn't comfortable. What if someone won't let them be. What if they're bullied. Welcome to my greatest fear.

What does such an ugly thing have to do with beauty? Soap & Glory, the British beauty brand that'??s anything but tight-lipped and proper (yes, one of their products is named Glow Job), has created a Proud Mouth campaign to support the U.S.'??s leading national anti-bullying program Stomp Out Bullying.

Over the next year, they'??ll donate $1 from every Baby Doll Sexy Mother Pucker sold in the U.S. These donations will fund Stomp Out Bullying's Chat Line trained counselors who help kids who are being bullied.

Now I have to do my job and tell you about this lip plumping gloss. It boasts these aptly named Superfill Lip Plumping Spheres that apparently swell up to 10 times when you put them on. This must be why when I applied it, I felt nothing'?¦then a few minutes later..POW! lips were tingly and felt a little more pouty than before. Was I an Angelina? No. But that would take surgery. However I enjoyed the tingle and noticed my lips felt more...smoochable. The Baby Doll color is a barely there light rosy pink, so I suggest putting it on top of your favorite shades to add a bit of glossy shine.

A great motto of Soap & Glory is '??pretty is as pretty does.'? Not only does this lip gloss make you feel pretty, it's also helping us stomp out something that's affecting our children. And that's better than pretty. That's beautiful.

Sexy Mother Pucker is available at for $15.


Since I'??m all into being an anglophile today, let me tell you about how Elemis is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Papaya Enzyme Peel. They tapped British artist Laura Oakes and asked her to design a lovely package for the limited edition that launched last week. And that she did. This artist/photographer/pattern designer is known for her unique style of '??digital decoupage'? that features layers of vintage and hand-drawn images with her own photography. Just the right choice for a product that peels away lackluster layers to uncover your own natural beauty.

The papaya's papain (say that three times fast) is Mother Nature'??s little helper that dissolves dry and dead skin cells without over exfoliating. Papaya Enzyme Peel uses crushed papaya and pineapple sourced from Africa, to gently smooth away the rough stuff and repair the skin deep down while brightening and clarifying the complexion. It must be doing something right, since it's been around a decade. Happy anniversary, Elemis!

Elemis's Limited Edition Papaya Enzyme Peel is available at and select Nordstrom stores for $42.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.

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