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Like every woman, I have my go-to blush. The Multiple Orgasm by Nars. Yes, my blush stick could be something out of 50 Shades of Grey. Whatever. It works. And it makes me'?¦achem'?¦happy.

But I'??m switching things up (gotta keep things exciting, knowhaddamean..wink wink...). I recently discovered the new Instant Light Blush from Clarins. It'??s true genius. Part of their spring line, it'??s a thin formula that blends wicked (as us kids from Boston say) smoothly for an instant glow. Part of the smarty pants design is its very thick foam applicator tip with a slight angle, so the fluid-cream formula glides on naturally to sculpt, smooth and color cheeks.

The three light-reflecting shades (Vitamin Pink, my favorite Coral Tonic, and Brown Fizz) have plant-based pearlescent mineral powder that catches the light to beautifully enhance your facial contours. And it'??s healthy as well, with vitamin E to protect skin and raspberry and redcurrant seed oils to soften and moisturize. Now your skin glows from within.

So forget the 50 shades. I have my favorite one.

The Instant Light Blush from Clarins is available at most department stores for $28.


As you well know, or don'??t, my love for Games of Thrones runs deep. The HBO series is over for now. But I'??m happily on to book three.

One of my favorite plot lines is the tough-as-nails Mother of Dragons. So when I found out that Peter Thomas Roth had a new cream with Dragon'??s Blood in it, I was intrigued. OK, it'??s not from the Khaleesi herself. It'??s actually a red resin from the Amazon'??s Croton Lechleri tree, but still'?¦pretty damn cool because it'??s a centuries-old native secret that helps reduce inflammation and helps accelerate repair.

The new Laser-Free Regenerator Moisturizing Gel-Cream is a high-tech texture in a unique lovely red color. Almost like you'??re putting on war paint against aging (no, my lovelies, it'??s doesn'??t actually tint your skin). It'??s goes on über-smooth (almost powdery) and leaves skin as soft as silk right away. I think it feels almost as if you were priming your skin.

Its tag line is the '??skip the laser, get the results'? because it helps you win the battle against aging with powerful ingredients that deeply nourish and improve skin texture, tone and clarity. The science of skin savvy comes into play with the Niacinamide PC (a multi-functional antiaging ingredient) and Hexapeptide (to regenerate collagen and elastin). Then your skin also drinks in a perfectly balanced cocktail of intense skin protectors and moisturizers including exotic extracts of Dragon Fruit, Red Poppy, Fire Tulip, Japanese Cherry and Purple Orchid.

Not only is this cream gorgeous to look at and exotic to touch, it leaves your skin in a sheer drape of moisture and protection. Khaleesi would be proud.

PTR'??s Laser-Free'?¢ Regenerator'?¢ Moisturizing Gel-Cream is available at and Sephora stores for $68.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own'?¨

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