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Beauty & Beyond: Fashion Week Edition


Last week'??s Fashion Night Out is merely one event. There is a lot of glam and glitz but in a few hours the night is over. At that pace, you can surely run with the big dogs, even in the highest of heels. But an entire week of fashion like with the NY Fashion Week and you may wreck havoc on your feet, skin, body, hair - but that doesn't meant you have to look run down. I think you can still feel and look incredible with some of my favorite beauty essentials!

Come to think of it, even if you aren'??t running from fashion show to fashion show and your week just includes kid'??s soccer tournaments, outdoor company BBQs, family functions, it'??s nice to know that you can do quick touch-ups, soothe tired tootsies and smile pretty for any paparazzi (even if that camera flash belongs to your kid'??s BFF'??s mom).

So here'??s my beauty survival guide for an amazing fashion week or a fast-paced week with the kids.


Fresh Face with Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers.
Authentic aburatorigami was originally created by gold leaf artisans and discovered by geisha in the 1800s for its skin benefits. These all-natural leaflets ($12) are powder free, fragrance free and handmade, and all skin types from oily to sensitive can use them for a petal fresh complexion. Just gently pat a single leaflet to your face whenever you feel a shine coming on. Bonus: they won't disturb your perfectly applied makeup.


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Germ-Fighting with Bath & Body Works Pocketbacs
You'??ll be shaking hands and blowing air kisses all day, and Bath & Body Works has some of the cutest little tuck-away hand sanitizers in fruits scents for just a buck! The Pocketbacs do just that'?¦they fit in the back of your pocket. Or in these cute little holders ($.50), which I have actually seen hanging from the chicest of Guccis. B&BW just launched fall seasonal gels for when germs get really scary'??Vampire Blood, Zombie Tocnic and Candy Corn ($1.50). Available at Bath & Body Works stores and online at

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Smile Pretty with Go Smile's Smile Whitening Light System
OK, so you'??ve noticed that your pearly whites are anything but. Look on the brightside, my pretties. Go Smile has a new whitening light ($198) that brings whitening technology into your home for a little DIY brightness. Use with their whitening ampoules to achieve a visibly whiter smile in just one sitting (that's right, as little as 30 minutes). It'??s lightweight, fits in your hand and has a detachable and washable mouthpiece. The built-in timer lets you know when each pass is over--three passes are one treatment. Now, go smile.


Walk another Mile in Your Shoes with Ole Henriksen's Muscle Comfort Lotion.
I'??ve always loved Ole Henriksen's take on things. He uses the beauty of nature to discover even more beauty through his skincare line. His Muscle Comfort Lotion ($28) does just that, giving your pooped legs and feet a calming-yet-energizing kick from nature'?? essential oils of Peppermint to cool and energize; Geranium to soothe and strengthen capillaries; and Lavender for its healing, soothing, antiseptic, astringent properties.


Every Hair in Its Place with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray.
Hair spray hasn'??t really been in my daily routine since the days when I carried a five-gallon can of AquaNet and I wasn'??t afraid to use it. But one thing can be said'??nothing beats keeping flyaways at bay, nape hair from a disheveled ponytail in place, or just handing an overall '??stay where I put you'? tone of voice to your locks. So lock and load with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray ($10). I keep the travel size in my purse when I'??m insanely busy because it offers all-day control. My frizzy friends will also love that it has humidity protection with avocado oil and wheat protein.

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