Beauty & Beyond: Inner Beauty and the Aftermath of Sandy


Given what some of the U.S. has been going through since Superstorm Sandy, I feel weird talking about beauty right now. Here I go babbling about the best blush that doubles as a lip tint, when tens of thousands just in New York alone have been left without heat. And now those people may need to leave their homes as temperatures drop this week and there's potential snowfall.

Those who still have homes, that is. Some have lost everything. People like my friend'??s mom and her brother. In New Jersey, they just finished rebuilding from Hurricane Irene five months ago. Sadly, they both lost their homes this week. Or my other friend whose company might go financially under because they've lost $1 million of product under water when a levy broke down the street from their office.

So instead of talking about beauty in terms of products and the latest/greatest creams to help you look younger, I wanted to let you know of some beauty I have seen throughout the past week. Beauty that outperforms anything you can buy. Beauty that creates a glow in your heart not just on your face.

I have seen people in my hometown of Boston opening up their houses to strangers displaced by Sandy, as a simple Facebook page connects the needs of some to the generosity of others. I have seen my daughter bagging up her toys and books to give to the Red Cross to ship off to children she'??s never met. I have seen people rescuing dogs and cats found wandering along the watery streets and giving them safe homes until they can be reunited with their true owners.

This is beauty, people. It goes beyond eyeshadow and BB cream. There's true beauty in genuinely caring for your neighbor (and even those who are too far away to be called "neighbors"). I can't top that with news of any product launch or discovery. Those creams might be magical. But what we as humans can be seen doing for each other in times of hurt and tragedy...that's MAGIC.

Together we rebuild. And together, we are beautiful.

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