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A trick to looking younger '?? lush and full eyebrows. Someone needs to tell this to the woman who waxed mine last week. With my usual girl on vacation, I entrusted my brows to someone new. Apparently she must have thought I looked young enough. At least that'??s what I'??m telling myself would be the only reason for plucking and waxing someone to oblivion. Brow-ow.

Known for years at the go-to brow pencil, I gave theybf Automatic Eyebrow Pencil a try. It claimed to be in a universal taupe shade. The brow pencil is supposed to change color based upon the amount of pressure you apply. I wasn'??t sure about that. Could a dark haired beauty rock it as well as a fair maiden? Actually, she could. I grabbed my blonde friend, and her lighter brows took to the pencil just as well as my darker ones did. The brow brush on one end of the pencil helps even things out by softening your drawn-on feathers even more.

I should have known something named ybf (your best friend) wouldn'??t let me down. Now if only my waxing woman would get back from vacation.

The ybf automatic universal taupe eyebrow pencil (shown above with the bonus behavin'?? brow gel) is available for $12 at


I'??m in love with swipe and go things. Makeup remover sheets, cleansing sheets, etc. Anything I can pull out, swipe across my face and drop in the trash has got my vote. Even Dora The Explorer'??s Swiper gets a bad rap, IMHO.

Enter the Facial Radiance Pads from First Aid Beauty (FAB, for short). Guess they would be FRP from FAB. That doesn'??t sound as fab though. But trust me, these things are fab.

Just smooth on once or twice a day, and your skin gets the dynamic duo of lactic and glycolic acids to exfoliate and condition. For a little tender TLC, cucumber and Indian gooseberry tone while lemon peel brightens your complexion. FAB'??s antioxidant booster of licorice root, feverfew and white tea, is a free radical'??s worst nightmare, so your skin has an extra helped in fighting the war against the environment. After using them every morning (although you can use them in the evening too), I felt my skin was smoother to the touch and my pores seem less visible.

I know, all those '??acids'? sound daunting. But don'??t get all sensitive. These aren'??t the skin pads of yesterday. Gentle enough to use every day, they have no parabens, fragrances, harsh chemicals and even sensitive skin can use them without hassle. They aren'??t anything like those alcohol-laden toner pads we used to use back in the day. The ones that made our skin tight and our eyes sting. Good times.

So I'??m happy with my new chance to swipe some great skin. But be warned, Swiper. You stand no chance of grabbing any of these.

Facial Radiance Pads are available for $28 at Amazon, Sephora and at


I'??m always searching for great night creams. Since when you start to slumber is the time when your skin gets to work repairing itself, the cream you use should help it out a bit.

Last month, Vichy Laboratories launched its new Rhamnose 5% skin care anti-aging line. Although awkward to read (the word '??Rhamnose'? conjures up images of someone biffing you in the nose), this ingredient is a one-two punch against aging and wrinkles. A naturally derived plant extract, it'??s been proven to stimulate skin rejuvenation from the inside out (that'??s right in both your dermis and your epidermis). Which means collagen and elastin production are increased, combating those pesky wrinkles and sagging.

Low and behold, there'??s a night cream in the new line'??Vichy Liftactiv with Rhamnose 5% Night.

Although it falls pray to one of the biggest issues I have with night creams (why do they all have to smell so flowery?), the texture is rich and creamy without feeling like you just layered your face with another blanket. It immediately hydrates and gives a sense of comfort to your thirsty and tired skin. LiftActiv also features continuous release Vitamin C, clinically proven to boost the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Their studies have shown that combined with the 5% Rhamnose, visible wrinkle reduction is seen in two weeks. If you can wait eight weeks, you'??ll see a 20 percent reduction of key issues likeforehead lines and crow'??s feet.

Now that'??s what I call beauty sleep.

Vichy Liftactiv with Rhamnose 5% Night is available at CVS and Walgreen'??s for $49.

Eyes on the prize, they say. Well, there are some mornings where my eyes look like they didn'??t even know there was a contest, let alone a prize. Lack of sleep, stressed out schedule, late night'?¦whatever the reason, they sometimes look a little lackluster. Easy enough to solve. Put on a little eye-brightening shadow, and I'??m good to go.


Luckily I haven'??t gotten to the stage where this is a daily concern'?¦droopy eyelids and brows. But I'??m sure as time goes by, it'??ll be on my mind (and in my mirror).

Known for relying on the prettiest mother of them all (Mother Nature) for beauty, Wei East has been using the delicate inner lining of the Chinese chestnut for its lifting creams for years. They introduced a new trick this month. They added Black Soy peptides for an uplifting experience in their Chestnut Firming skincare.

Specifically on my gotta-get list is their brand new Refirming Eye Treatment. The soy is a joy, lifting and toning drooping lids and brows, naturally restoring eye area elasticity and smoothing away imperfections.

The cream also boasts seaweed rich in minerals and vitamins to condition and revitalize dull skin; and Chinese Angelica, a true angel in natural plumping and promoting circulation.

I guess I have one thing to say. Droopy eyelids, see you never.

Wei East Chestnut Firming with Black Soy Refirming Eye Treatment is available at for $35.

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