Be Nice on the Internet Week


Most of us moms are long out of high school, however the 'Mean Girl' thing is still apparent online where some people post nasty Tweets, cruel comments or send mean emails. To restore some civility to the online space, Real Simple is designating this week '??Be Nice on the Internet'? Week to explore why Web negativity exists and how we can combat it.

A recent survey of 945 Real Simple readers found that social networking among adults has more than doubled since 2008, but this increased usage is not all for the better. The study indicated a need to put an end to mean tweets, blog comments, and more. In an effort to make the internet a more pleasant place, readers are invited to pledge their politeness and invite friends to join in being nice on the Web. will be the source for ideas on how and why to Be Nice, and Real Simple'??s Facebook page will offer fun e-cards that can be shared with friends who deserve a reward for their kind behavior.

From January 9th to 13th, will feature a look at the impact of internet negativity, expert tips on etiquette for the age of social media, and advice from celebrities and media personalities who have experienced rude behavior online.

To sign up for '??Be Nice on the Internet'? Week, visit and, and join the conversation on Twitter at #BeNiceWeek.

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