Barilla's New Microwavable Meals


What's for dinner? If your house is anything like mine this usually involves a pasta dish of some sort. Quick, easy and delicious pasta is a great way to get dinner on the table quickly while also feeding your family something delicious. A new meal system from Barilla is making this process even quicker by incorporating natural ingredients to create wholesome sauces for an easy dinner option that is cooked right in the microwave.

I'm more of an old school cooker, where the idea of mircowaving food doesn't really sit well with me. However, I also just moved into a house that does have one and I get the quick and easy approach to cooking - especially in a time crunched day. So I went into a recent event hosted by Barilla with an open mind as I went in to learn more about their new line of microwavable meals.

Featuring five varieties (Mezze Penne with Tomato & Basil Sauce, Mezze Penne with Traditional Marinara Sauce, Mezze Penne with Spicy Marinara Sauce, Whole Grain Fusilli with Vegetable Marinara Sauce and Whole Grain Mezze Penne with Tomato & Basil Sauce), the line is made from the same 100% natural ingredients as Barilla dry pasta and jarred sauces as well as it's traditional Italian taste.

At the event I listened to Executive Chef Lorenzo Boni and Registered Dietitian Anna Rosales talk about the ingredients in the meals, which includes olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, red pepper - making it a natural product with no preservatives. Also, each container is only 320 calories and they are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamin A and iron.

At the luncheon, I tested out the Mezze Penne all' Arrabbiata. Featuring a spicy kick, I enjoyed the pasta for what it was - a quick meal option - but I also felt that it lacked the wholesome texture and unique taste that I loved about homemade sauce. Again, the appeal of having a meal ready in 60 seconds is amazing and the pasta was perfectly cooked. I also loved the easy-to-pour sauce option that I also think my daughter would enjoy as she could pour own and choose the amount that she wanted.

While I'm not a regular mircowaver I do see the value in having an option to make an easy and healthy meal at home where these Barilla Mircowavable Meals can offer families the value and quality they need when homemade meals are not an option.

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