Bali Wants You to Feel Beautiful


Bali, the No. 1 department store intimate apparel brand, announced the launch of its Live Beautifully Daily campaign, a national movement focused on helping women embrace how to LBD through the way they look and feel.

As part of the movement'??s kickoff, Bali has joined with Jennifer Rade, one of the country'??s top celebrity stylists, to encourage women to LBD. Jennifer has dressed tons of A-listers an we got to meet her this summer at the Bali style summit. Rather than sending women en masse to department stores, Jennifer stresses that women need to find what works for their bodies and go with it. "I'm not about trends" says the in-demand stylist. Instead she hunts down what looks good on her clients and then adds personal touches to make the outfit rock.

Speaking of things that rock, we are thrilled that along with this feel-good fashion campaign, Bali is also donating up to $50,000 to its long-standing partner, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which plays a critical role in helping women with breast cancer LBD. Women can join the movement by visiting


'??The Bali brand inspires women to live beautifully by providing intimate apparel that looks great on and under clothes '?? helping to strengthen confidence,'? said Rade. '??My philosophy is similar to that of Bali: any woman can look and feel beautiful if she starts her day with confidence and with the goal to live beautifully.'?

Bali, together with Rade, will provide tips on how women can customize their personal style to fit their body type and how to dress for every occasion '?? helping them feel beautiful on the inside and outside. This effort seeks to help women look and feel their best by wearing the right size bra and shapewear.

'??Real beauty is more than just looks; it'??s a combination of confidence, style, personality and Living Beautifully Daily,'? said Vicki Seawright, Bali marketing director. '??The initiative invites all women to positively express Living Beautifully Daily by giving back to organizations that inspire their own members to LBD.'?

Right now Bali is matching donations to BCRF made by Bali Facebook fans, up to an additional $25,000, for a total donation of up to $50,000!

Head here to give!

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