Back-to-School with Crest & Oral B


I recently had the opportunity to attend the Crest, Oral B, and CafeMomBack To School event at Make MeaningCrest and Oral-B Pro-Health FOR ME line is the first complete line of oral care products designed just for tweens (ages 8-12) and created to protect the areas dentists check up on like: fighting cavities, strengthening enamel, and freshens breath.

The FOR ME line-up features a variety of oral care tools designed just for tweens including a new electric powered toothbrush that is designed to gently power away the germs in mouths, with a special refill head that is perfect for cleaning around braces. The brush stays on for two minutes which gives tweens a timer as to how long to brush. The line also includes an anticavity toothpaste, tween-friendly toothbrushes, fluoride rinse in a fresh mint flavor, and easy-to-use minty floss picks.

TheOral-B Stages line are dentist-inspired oral care products for every stage of your child'??s development. The line-up features captivating characters your child will love, including their newest Disney addition, Jake and the Neverland Pirates! The line also includes kid-friendly toothpaste, battery operated brushes, and easy-to-use flossers to help your children establish healthy oral care habits right from the start.


The highlight of the event was Jennie Garth (90120) and her daughter Lola, the new spokesperson for Crest and Oral B. As a mom of three, Jennie stated "Is it important to establish routine with your children and take certain steps to live a healthy life. Now with back to school it's time to revamp our habits."

Dr. Salzer, an orthodontist and dentist here in New York City (who was also at the event), stated "The most important care happens at home because twice a year to the dental checkups isn't enough. One message to our children never go to sleep without brushing your teeth." She gave us great tips on maintaining good oral care for our children. My favortive tip included having separate stations for your kids like each one having their own toothpaste and section in the bathroom.

Overall, it was a lovely event and I cannot wait to use all of the tips I learned in my home with my kids!

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