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Time to start getting back on schedule and gearing up for school. Not only does this mean tackling the last of the summer reading list, it means making sure your kids feel great about themselves. A big part of this is getting the fashion and beauty treatments right for girls.

Call me superficial (go ahead, I've been called worse), but I know there is a confidence in knowing you look good and that your skin is glowing. Willadoesn't want to tart up your tweens, this brand was started by a girl and aimed to helped girls feel great about themselves.

I've been working with the brand for a few months and simply love the message--letting girls be the best girls they can be. In that light, I picked some fashions that are sure to make both tweens and moms happy and highlight them for back to school shopping. And most everything I picked is quite reasonably priced (like Willa!)

Here are our top tween picks for a fashionable fall:
Chambray shirt(styled like a cardigan as a layer)
Plaid jeans
Tops with stars or stripes
Cool canvas sneakers

While a new bag, a cool chambray shirt, a bit of boho lace and awesome boots are going to be what your daughter's crave, I suggest going over the skincare basics and adding a simple and fun skincare treats to the back to school list. All the trendy clothes in the world can't hide bad skin. Ignoring the issue won't make it better. Arm your daughter with the facts and the tools to look great.


Let's say you've got an athlete or performer in the house. Slipping a set of the go gentle cleansing lavender facial towelettes into her backpack (10 count; $2.90) is the perfect way to help your daughter put her best face forward. Before or after a workout or performance, give your face a quick pick-me-up with On The Go lavender facial towelettes. They refreshingly clean away daily debris revealing perfectly balanced skin. Infused with soothing lavender, hydrating aloe and detoxifying green tea, there'??s absolutely no need to rinse off. Perfect to keep in your backpack for a quick pick me up after PE.

Momtrends is thrilled to be sponsored by Willa skincare where girls are treated with respect. We're not given any language to include, just asked to represtent our true feelings for this brand.

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