Back-to-School Board Game Round-up


Since the summer is dwindling down and it's time to send the kiddos back to school, why not get them excited about learning with a bunch of new, fun, family friendly board games?

We hit up the brand new YOTEL in midtown NYC to catch up with the latest and greatest from Discovery Bay Games. We like to think of ourselves as board-game aficionados so when it comes to entertainment, we're slightly skeptical about messing with a good thing (Life, Checkers, Scrabble, etc...). However, DBG definitely did not disappoint. Here's a few of the newest games your whole family will love to play.


We love love love the Gallop books and we love the board game just as much. Perfect for the tiniest tyke or your oldest (8 at most), this guessing game based on the popular book will get your kids in a (friendly) race to the finish. Which animal will win? You'??ll be strutting, galloping, and fluttering along as you move around the track.((Gallop the Game $24.96 on Amazon)


In this fast paced game, players take turns trying four exciting challenges. Spot differences between two pictures, come up with a quick answer to a tricky question, complete a silly sentence, or blurt out a tongue twister. But think fast! Pass the Buzz Blaster before the cow '??moos,'? the spring '??boings,'? or the cat '??meows'?. This game is silly fun that gets the whole family thinking on their feet. Buy Buzz Blast on Amazon $23.95


A Mummy is on the loose in the museum! Your mission is to work together to reveal the spell that will stop the mummy from escaping into the city. As a team, you'??ll decode secret messages, answer questions and complete puzzles to lead you to the spell that returns the mummy back to its case. Based on real artifacts in the Smithsonian Institutes, this game is a great ice-breaker for those kids a little hesitant to head back into the classroom.

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