Baby Mash: The Teething Ring You'll Want To Eat


My babe is about to hit seven months soon and we are seriously loving introducing him to solids. But somewhere in between purees and the real deal are these little teeth that are slowly coming in, and I imagine not so comfortably making their way out. A teething ring is a good solution, but a teething biscuit sounds much more fun and seems like a good transition into finger foods. Especially since everything on the table (and floor for that matter) is hands to mouth. But I'm not talking about the rice cereal based stuff. I'm talking about innovative teething rings from a new company called Baby Mash.


Founded by Brooklyn mom, Molly McDonald, Baby Mash teething rings are made with 100% whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. There is no added sugar, empty starch, or fillers - just the good stuff that a growing baby needs. With Molly's husband being a chef, food is naturally a primary topic in their home and when she became pregnant almost two years ago with their first baby, conversations of what they were going to feed this future child of theirs became a priority. In the meantime Molly began baking teething rings and handing them out to friends just before her daughter, Marin, was born. She's been baking them ever since. They come in delicious flavors like Pumpkin & Oat, Stewed Apple & Oat, and Banana & Oat.

The visible oats actually made me a little nervous to give my son Oliver at first, but as Molly suggested I froze the rings before handing one over to him and let him go at it. I kept anticipating a big chunk to come off but it held together so well with just a few tiny bits crumbling off. The rest dissolved at snails pace. He loved it. Not only did he clutch on to it while gnawing but he cried when I attempted to take it away!

Worried that your child may not be able to eat it because of an allergy? So was Molly. She knows many parents with children who suffer from severe food allergies so it was important for her to make a product that everyone could enjoy, meaning they're free of dairy, soy and gluten, not to mention vegan. Thanks to Baby Mash now little ones can enjoy a soothing treat that even child-free adults are putting in orders for. I ate one and it was a perfect semi-sweet nosh that will honestly satisfy that cookie craving you're trying to ignore this summer. Go ahead and put in your order here.

Did I mention she's a knockout pregger as well? Here she is six months pregnant with her second. So chic.


Former Editor in Chief of ANTENNA, Kaity Velez, falls in love with her son, partner, Brooklyn & its delicious food on a daily basis. She documents her adventures on When Babies Blog.

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