Avon Moroccan Oil Review


If you've been living under a rock you might have missed that Moroccan oil is a huge trend for hair care. The special oil (also known as argan oil) comes from argan trees in Morocco and the purported benefits include: added shine, reduced frizziness and added strength.

Of course that all sounds great. But what didn't sound great was paying $40 for a bottle of oil.

Avon to the rescue. They've developed a new product in the Advanced Techniques line that performs beautifully. I've been testing it out this week in the 90-degree, East Coast humidity and it's exceeded my expectations.

I smooth the oil into my hair after a shower and then I've been letting it air dry. The tips of my hair feel nourished and the shine is remarkable. NOTE: A little pump goes a long way. I don't have the pricing at this time, but you can bet with Avon's power to develop new product it will be priced significantly less than $40.

The product should be available soon from your local Avon representative.

Momtrends is proud to be an Avon Ambassador. I get monthly deliveries of new products to test in our testing labs bathrooms. I am never fed a script--I get to test and review product in my own words. I do receive and annual stipend for my work.

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