Avon ANEW 20th Birthday Event

Avon Celebrates ANEW's 20th Birthday

Remember the 90s? I do. Supermodels, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, snap bracelets, scrunchies...ah the list goes on and on. In addition to these important cultural developments (wink, wink), there was a real development in skincare: in 1992 Avon launched the ANEW line.

This week Avon hosted a 90s-themed party in Soho to celebrate the anniversary and all things 90s. As the DJ spun tunes including "Two Princes" and "Iris," two 90s icons joined in the fun: Alfonso Ribeiro and Paulina Porizkova! You know Alfonso as Carlton from the Fresh Prince--yep he even did the dance!

Avon Celebrates ANEW's 20th Birthday

But the real star was Paulina. She's 46 now and STUNNING. We chatted for about half an hour about beauty, motherhood and BOTOX. We're totally BFFs now. Paulina's skin is amazing. Which she attributes to 1.) genetics (those cheek bones should be patented) 2.) quitting smoking 6 years ago 3.) Avon ANEW. The supermodel and NYC mom is the new face of ANEW and she swears by the product.

"I want my kids to see the expressions on my face," shared Paulina when we talked about cosmetic enhancements. "It's all me right now," she said as we sipped cocktails and chatted about aging gracefully. I loved her candor and the way she owns her age. Great choice Avon!

Twenty years ago, Avon introduced ANEW, making the company the first to mass market anti-aging technology with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). Today, ANEW is a US$1 billion brand. I've been using it for a year now and I am thrilled that they have added a new eye cream to the line. I have been using ANEW Genics, a skincare breakthrough that helps women look up to 10 years younger. I'm thrilled to add this new product to my anti-aging routine.

ANEW Genics Eye Treatment

Momtrends is proud to be an Avon Blog Ambassador. We get to attend insider events and test product for the brand giving them feedback and opinions. We thank Avon for helping all moms look good.

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