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Aura Weavers: Functional and Stylish Swaddle Blankets


Aura Weavers, Swaddle Blankets are versatile, 100% cotton muslin cloth that are, in my opinion, essential. As a mom of two small children, I am often asked what I think are the most important baby items. Swaddle blankets always make my top five list because they are so multifunctional. They have so many uses and can be used way beyond infancy. (Thanks lil sis for introducing me!)

Aura Weavers, Swaddle blankets are 100% cotton muslin and not only are they blankets extra soft, they are extra big too. Measuring a perfect square of 47 in.x47 in,, the Aura Weavers swaddle blankets will become your most used baby item. The cotton is snuggly soft, lightweight, has full breath-ability, washes easily and dries quickly, and as it is so compact, it fits nicely in your diaper bag. The Aura Weavers have a nice stretch to them making them easy to swaddle baby, but are made of cotton muslin which is light and airy but quite durable.


And just how do I know this? I used my muslin swaddle blankets in many ways, every day with both of my children.

Aura Weavers swaddle blankets can be used to:

1. To swaddle your baby-this muslin fabric makes swaddling easy for everyone! (babies are all shapes and sizes-a muslin blanket makes swaddling any baby a cinch!)

2. As a stroller blanket

3. As a lightweight sun cover for the beach or when out strolling

4. As a lightweight nursing cover

5. To change your baby

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6. To make a soft , and clean playing surface/tummy time mat

7. As a lovie or woobie security blanket

8. As a bassinet sheet or crib sheet

Aura Weavers swaddle blankets are great for travel use too. One item takes the place of so many, and in a pinch we have even washed them out in the sink and hung them to dry.

We are big proponents of swaddling and believed it not only made our babies feel warm, secure and safe but super comfortable. Swaddling provides a sense of comfort and familiarity to baby and was a perfect sleep aid. Once our babies were calm, we swaddled them and as if they took this as a sign, were quickly ready to dreamland.

Don't miss these swaddling tips from Aura Weaves, making swaddling as easy as 1, 2, 3 (...4!):

As I visited the Aura Weavers website, I appreciated the section on tips and know any parent, old or new can benefit from the insider tips shared. There are many swaddle blankets available in both two swaddler pack ($29.99) or three swaddler pack ($39.99) boxes.

For more helpful hints, follow Aura Weavers on facebook, or twitter.

Michelle is a SAHM and self-described '??green'? fashionista. She is a NYC woman, turned burbs mama, raising her 2 B'??s in an eco conscious manner. She blogs about natural parenting and green living at www.everythingsabuzz.comFind her on twitter @queentobHave a fashion question? Look for the new Syncing Your Stylesection on the Momtrends facebook page or tweet us your fashion questions at @momtrends!

Momtrends was not compensated for this post. We did receive a box of swaddle blankets to review.

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