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Arm Your Immune System This Fall with Alomune


It is only about a month into fall and we have already seen a few colds in my family. Running noses, fevers and general discomfort are the norm and according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, there are Over 1 billion colds each year in the U.S. At a recent press luncheon I learned that there is a solution to help families stay healthy this fall and winter by arming their immune system with a new daily supplement called Alomune.

Derived from natural extracts from the Minnesota Larch Tree, Alomune features ResistAid, a nutritional ingredient that has been shown to clinically arm your natural defenses so you can stay healthy year-round. At the breakfast, Dr. Dan Johnston, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and is board certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, spoke about the product and how it adds to your daily fiber intake and has antioxidant activity and arms your natural defenses and help you stay healthy.

The common conscious is take to take OTC medicines or homeopathic formulas, however as I learned from Dr Dan the "CSPI reports that more than 95% of products marketed as '??homeopathic'? are simply using the unregulated designation to make disease claims on packaging." Also, products Zicam, Airborne, and Cold-Eeze received FDA/FTC penalties - meaning there are very few SAFE options for those with colds. Dr. Johnston also noted that these products are a waste of money and don't actually do as they say they should.

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As a daily supplement, Alomune is designed to work in the stomach and protect the body from biological barriers such as gut microflora, mucosa etc to protect the body and prevent colds. In fact, in a recent double-blind study of 204 healthy adults where more than 57% more stayed healthy on the primary health measurements taking Alomune vs the placebo.

Available in chewable chocolate tablets or a berry stick packs that you simply add to water, Alomune can be taken three times a day as it provides you with defenses for your immune system and fiber and antioxidants from the incredible larch trees. The product is also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and is now being offered for FREE (you only have to pay shipping) so with the winter and the colder weather coming Alomune serves as the perfect product to protect, arm and stay healthy and cold-free this year!

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