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I wish I could tell you I was a faithful hat wearer and only made my way into the sun with SPF 50 on during non-peak sun hours. But that'??s not the way my life works. Flexibility is key. So I need products that work with me.

I do lather on a moisturizer with SPF 15 everyday and I do wear a hat'??most of the time. But there are days when I am swimming in the pool with the kids or running with my girlfriends that the inevitable tanning happens.

Now that I am 41, this means my skin which would just turn brown (thanks to my Portuguese father) now get the occasional spots and dots. Rather then ruing the passing of time, I try to limit further damage and reduce the effects of the sun.

My newest weapon comes from Avon. I'??ve been using the ANEW line for about six months now and have been thrilled with the results. I started with the moisturizer then added the eye cream. Now I'??ve got a new treatment to add: ANEW Genics treatment Concentrate($34.99).

Avon'??s new lightweight serum is great for summer. In the two months I'??ve been testing it, I'??ve seen the dots and spots lighten and disappear in places. While I don'??t look 25, I do have younger looking skin.

Live without regrets. Great motto, especially when you can be armed with skincare that can undo the damage of the past.


And since we're talking Avon, I wanted to share a few pictures from the Avon blogger party hosted by my friend Romy of Romy's Raves. She's got amazing style and throws a super party. These are a few pictures from her bash at Avon's HQ.


Momtrends is proud to be an Avon Blog Ambassador. What does this mean? Each month I'??m shipped a box of goodies to test and possibly write about. I am never fed a script or require to include verbiage'??Avon seems to trust that they make great products and they leave the opining to me.

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