American Holiday Traditions Revealed


Traditionally, holidays have been a time to celebrate with close family and great food. But today, when American's glance around their holiday dinner table, they can see that the modern definition of family is more than just blood relatives. In fact, according to a National Survey* commissioned by Gallo Family Vineyards, 88% of Americans have a '??found family,'? or at least one person who is not a blood relative that they consider to be family. Here are some interesting findings from the study:

  • More than half of Americans have a famous family recipe, but only half of them are written down.
  • On average, Americans whose families have a '??famous'? family recipe have had the recipe in their family for 42 years. More than 1 in 4 (27%) have had the famous recipe in the family for over 50 years.
  • Super Secret. Those looking to recreate a family recipe in their own kitchen may have a hard time getting their hands on the details. 1 in 4 (26%) Americans have a family member with a '??secret'? family recipe they won'??t share with anyone.
  • An Oldie, but Not a Goodie. Some family recipes aren'??t all they'??re cracked up to be, and some relatives are oblivious to the tossed leftovers at family gatherings. Over half (54%) of Americans have had a relative bring their favorite recipe to a family gathering because they didn'??t know that nobody actually likes it.

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