Advance My Baby: Tracking a Child's Developmental Needs


Babies aren't born with an instruction manual. As parents, we do the best that we can and learn as we go about ways to support and enhance our childern's development. Overall, we all want our children to reach their full potential and now a service and manual called Advance My Baby, a systematic approach to advancing babies during their development years. This is designed to help parents along the way to help them "discover the secrets to success that can help their child reach their full potential."


This instructional manual is designed to provide parents with the tools to minimize or even alleviate Special Needs and premature baby's developmental delays by focusing on all areas of development such as gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, language, emotional growth, social interactions and self-care skills along with activities and exercises that the parent can do with their child from birth to 36 months.

The manual is packed with a checklist listing milestones from birth to 36 months of age - charting their language skills, gross motor and motor skills as well as suggested activities to assist with your child's development. I loved how they outlined the activities during the day such as wake up, afternoon and activities to assist with a wide range of developmental skills from self-care, emotional support to academic achievement. The book is also complete with full-color photos for points of reference and lists to clearly understand your child's progress.

The Advance My Baby Manual is available for $49.95.

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