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Acne happens--even to 40 year olds.  I've been road testing the Deep Cleansing Wash from Proactiv. While you might think that "road testing" is an odd choice of words let me explain. I'm running in the NYC Marathon this year and I've been training all summer long and into the fall. That means lots of hot, sweaty workouts. And guess what? The glorious addition of acne to some mentionable and unmentionable body parts.

Here's the problem. Even with the most hi-tech running gear, sweat gets trapped in my body's pores and causes breakouts. As if I didn't have enough to worry about with a family, a business and fitting in my training runs. Now I'm battling body acne. Unbelievable.

long runs

Proactiv to the rescue. They sent me a sample of the Deep Cleaning Wash. I keep it in the shower and after every run I wash with this scrub. The little exfoliating beads (and the salicylic acid) take off everything that has been ground into my pores during the workout and leave me with smooth, pretty skin. I've been testing it for about two weeks and have seen a definite improvement on the areas that were red, pimply and generally unsightly (am I over-sharing here?).

The Deep-cleansing medicated bodywash fights acne on your back, chest, shoulders and other spots I can't mention without feeling silly. The medicated body wash has maximum-strength 2% salicylic acid to get the results you want in a hurry. Exfoliators remove dead skin cells, while botanicals'??camellia and aloe'?? soothe and restore your skin. Non-comedogenic. Regular Price: $20.00 Member Price: $16.95

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Full Disclosure: Attention PR contacted you on behalf of Proactiv with this sponsored content opportunity. I'm going to be blogging and testing Proactiv for the next few months and sharing my experiences as a Proactiv ambassador.

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