A Thanksgiving Makeover: Turkey Style


We hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving! Now that the feast is over, how long will it take your family to get through the leftovers? Thanksgiving meals have a tendency to continue well past Turkey Day - in fact, according to a recent Safeway survey, half of the holiday hosts surveyed said it takes their family up to six days to finish Thanksgiving leftovers.

This year Chef Jeff Anderson, executive chef of Safeway Culinary Kitchens, has some fresh and creative takes on that boring old bird'??s tasty day-after treats. Here are some great tips for you and your readers to give this year'??s Thanksgiving leftovers a makeover:

  1. Retain the Flavor: Chill leftover foods immediately to retain flavor and freshness. Bag and refrigerate items that you plan to consume in the next day or two; or for longer term storage, freeze and wrap with aluminum foil to ensure the best possible quality.
  2. Create a Culinary Cauldron: As soon as the meal is done, make stock/soup with the biggest pot you have. For the best flavored broth, the turkey meat & bones go into the pot and add sprigs of fresh herbs, chopped garlic, bay leaf, red wine, etc., simmering it 6-8 hours. This makes a great soup starter.
  3. Spice up Side Dishes: Add garlic, cumin, parsley, thyme, oregano, etc to vegetable side dishes including green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and more. It helps provide additional savor, zest and tang to tasty post holiday dishes.
  4. Craft a Smashing Mash-Up: Try roasted red or fingerling potatoes smashed with extra virgin olive oil & fresh chives for a unique '??mash'? experience. Add Open Nature Applewood Bacon & Primo Taglio Goat Cheese or Creamy Brie & Green Peas to provide your guest a special holiday treat.
  5. Build Lunchbox Delights: Make sandwiches out of leftover turkey, ham or roast'?¦whatever is on your Thanksgiving table, and delight your children and partner with a creative culinary lunch or afternoon snack.

Please visit www.safeway.com/holiday to find additional recipes for holiday meals and leftover makeover ideas.

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