A Cleaner Cleanser and More: Sprout Skincare


I get so excited hearing about people's passion projects that I usually end up signing up for whatever they're championing before I even try it. After the cloud of excitement settles I'm often left in a dust of disappointment but in the best cases I become the cheerleader I never was. Sprout Skincare is one of those brands.

A few weeks ago founder Adina Grigore, with her beautiful skin and good humor gave me the rundown on Sprout. Basically it goes like this: girl has sensitive skin, girl learns how to make her own skincare products, girl heals skin and so began Sprout Skincare. Instead of keeping all the goodness to herself she decided to make these simple products available to others. I instantly loved the fact that her line is organic and made in small batches and while the cream I recently tried is easy enough to subscribe to I wondered if I could really let go of my sudsy face cleanser. I mean suds equal clean, no? Wrong.

Determined to not be close minded and give it a go, warily I decided to test out Sprout's cleanser in the evening. I applied it to my face (with'?¦ cotton? Never done that before. I was sure I wouldn't love it) and then rinsed my face with water. My face felt'?¦ clean. And smelled fresh. Zing! I then applied the toner (which I don'??t know if it'??s the Apple cider vinegar, sandalwood or clary sage but to me smells like a delicious little summer cocktail) and I swear the pores on my nose looked instantly smaller. I then applied my normal eye treatment and the Sprout cream. Day two was even better and day three I'm hooked.

And while all this may sound a little too crunchy for you, the beautiful packaging will stop your Manhattan friends from telling you you've gone all Brooklyn on them.

Former Editor in Chief of ANTENNA, Kaity Velez, falls in love with her son, partner, Brooklyn & its delicious food on a daily basis. She documents her adventures on When Babies Blog.

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