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7 Years Younger

7 years younger book launch

Who doesn't want to look younger? I'm always looking for tips and trends when it comes to fighting aging so I signed on for a blogging event last week with the Good Housekeeping team. The event coincided with the launch of 7 Years Younger: The Revolutionary 7-week Anti-Aging Plan (amazon link). I met with a sereis of GH's editors to learn ways to turn back the clock through beauty, skin care, nutrition, fitness, brain health and more.

Good Housekeeping's Editor Rosemary Ellis (shown above with the lovely ladies from PartyBluPrints) welcomed us and kicked off the afternoon. We got a tour of the testing labs at the swank Hearst Tower in NYC.

Highlights of the day included seeing my brave friend Allison from CrushWorthyMoms undergo the VISIO treatment--where she (and everyone else) was able to see all her sun spots, wrinkles, etc. Good news! She was ahead of the curve and is doing all the right things apparently.

We also met with the lovely Laura Geller to talk makeup. Laura says makeup is about "framing you features." Her advice is to play up what you like.

A highlight of the day was the talk about fitness. The bad news: Each year I am losing muscle mass. The good news is that this is an easy fix. Simply get up and move. Just 20 minutes a day will help. Since I'm super active, I instead want to focus on a different muscle--my brain. We talked about ways to battle mental aging. Try something new--from dance lessons to language classes, firing up your brain with new challenges can help.

7 years younger book

Here are some additional 7YY Tips and Facts:

Anti-wrinkle agents are easy to slip into your diet-fruits and vegetables are among the foods richest in antioxidants. (Page 127)
Herbs and spices like, rosemary, sage, parsley, cinnamon and cumin are loaded with polyphenols that help you look younger so sprinkle them on your food liberally and often. (Page 128)
Just 30 minutes of active sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming burns 99 calories.
To switch your brain-power to high before a presentation or mentally challenging work, a quick verbal exchange with a friend can have the same benefits as mental exercises (pg. 216)
"The planes of the face shift and soften over the years, so a haircut needs to provide a balance between structure and softness," -New York City hairstylist Eva Scrivo. (page 109)
Take a few minutes each day to mentally savor the things you're thankful for, and you'll sleep better and longer each night (pg. 240)
Choose a hydrating or satin-finish liquid foundation, as hormone levels dip and your skin gets drier (pg. 70)
Shampoo less frequently to avoid hair dye color-fade. Refresh on your off days by spraying on a dry shampoo at the roots to soak up oil and restore volume (p. 108).
A diet high in antioxidants slows down the signs of aging and improves longevity. (p. 127)

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a goody bag at the event.

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