5 Snacks for Car Trips (that Might Even Help theTrip Feel Shorter)


This summer will be the third time we'll have driven from New York to the northern part of Michigan. With toddlers. No, we're not crazy. We're thrifty! Plus, our kids are pretty happy watching movies and snacking. To cut down on stopping and eating junk food we bring a lot of snacks. This is what we bring for the munchies...

Dried Fruit is an obvious, but smart choice for snacks on the road. My kids love it!


Pizza Roll-Ups (recipe from Living Well) is a nutritious lunch or snack idea that fills you up. Just roll up whole wheat tortilla with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. For car trips, I don't bother heating them up. I pack the same lunch for my husband and I, but for ours I add spinach.


Home-made Granola with Nuts is a great snack on the road. It satisfies a sweet tooth, is a great source of protein (if you had nuts) and can be eaten for breakfast. I love Quick Quick Yum Yum's recipe for granola.


My girls love bananas so Banana Bread is like their favorite fruit turned into cake. The recipe from The Picky Eater is delicious and super healthy. Bring this on a car trip and I dare you not to eat the whole loaf in the first hour!


Another lunch or snack idea for the road is mini pitas with hummus (or mini pitas with the old stand-bye - PB&J.) This recipe for hummus from Simply Recipes is very tasty.

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