5 Baby Summer Skincare Basics


Dive into summer with a spirit of fun and a sun safe attitude. To protect your little ones'?? delicate skin during these months of high UV exposure risk, Robin Schaffran, M.D., mother of three and creator of Dr. Robin for Kids sunscreen, shares her essential summer precautions:

1. Avoid overheating. Baby'??s skin '?? especially young infants '?? is not as good at eliminating sweat, so overheating can cause a heat rash called Miliari. Keep fans handy and don'??t stay outside on hot days for long periods of time.

2. Chemical-free sunscreens are the most gentle and effective to apply. Look for the active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are natural and mineral-based UVA and UVB ray blockers.

3. Smart and stylish accessories. UV-protective clothing and sunglasses are a great addition to sunscreen, and sunhats are essential for baldheaded babies. For walking toddlers and children: flip-flops should be worn around public pools to avoid infections such as athlete'??s foot fungus and Plantar warts.

4. Umbrellas aren'??t just for rainy days. To keep cool and avoid unnecessary sun exposure, relax in the shade as much as possible. A stroller with an umbrella attachment is especially handy when running errands and sight

5. Rinse, moisturize and protect after swimming in chlorine. This prevents the drying effects of pool water. And if your child stays outside after pool time, remember to use sunscreen. As Dr. Robin says: Don'??t be shy'?¦Reapply!

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