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Will your child be using a tablet in the classroom this school year? Do you support students using tablets in the classroom? Research has shown that 81% of teachers believe tablets enrich classroom learning and 86% of students believe that they study more efficiently with tablets*.

Through the 3M Screens for Schools grants program, 3M Screen Protectors '?? with the help of parents, teachers and school administrators '?? will donate up to $25,000 to Digital Wish. The funds will then be awarded to one school so that it may equip its classrooms with new tablets and accompanying 3M Screen Protectors.

Parents, teachers and school administrators can also apply for the chance to win up to $25,000 in new tablets for their local school at Facebook.com/3MScreens by submitting an essay between 200 and 500 words explaining:

  • Why does the school need the award for new tablets and how would the new tablets change the school for the better?
  • If awarded the new tablets, how would learning be enhanced for students and teaching be enhanced for educators?
  • What other creative fundraising, if any, has the school undertaken in an effort to bring new technology into the classroom?

For every person who shows his/her support on Facebook at https://screensforschools.3m.com, 3M will donate $1 to Digital Wish and an additional $1 for every person who shares the 3M Screens for Schools message on Facebook.

There'??s only one more day left to help 3M reach its goal of donating $25,000! Spread the word.

Source: * Open Colleges

For more information, please visit: https://screensforschools.3m.com/

This is a sponsored post.

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