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The candy necklace. One of my favorite dime store treats. Yes, back when candy was actually a dime...OK, maybe a quarter...I'm not that old. So dainty and pretty and girly. Imagine: blending a tasty sweet with jewelry. Quite genius and everything a little girl would want.

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But when broken down to its simplest form, the concept of the candy necklace is pretty gross. Step one, put on edible item. Step two, frolic around in the hot sun. Step three, take it off your sweaty neck and eat it.

OK, so we look at things differently when we'??re grownups. When I was little those necklaces just made me happy'??they were pretty and sweet. Let'??s face it. They were pretty sweet.

So when I saw the 2 cute 2 be true DIY candy necklace, my heart just melted. Kind of like the pastel blotches left on your skin after wearing your candy couture during a hot afternoon.

All the way from the Netherlands, this oversized doughnut necklace is part of a new crocheted cutesy line of dolls (Pepe Piglet is my favorite), friendly small woodland creatures (Chip & Mr. Munk are seen above), mobiles, and garlands. While some come already complete like the Happy Baby Cloud that's so sweet it almost makes your teeth ache, this pastel necklace is something that your little one can make him or herself. They come in a packet of 14 pieces and you just string together. Or instead of turning them into an accessory, we put the pastel pieces into a clear jar for a little dime store decor.

The line is created by Judith de Ruijter, a mother of five who wanted to channel her nostalgic childhood memories through her own designs for her kids--things like paper chain garlands and candy necklaces. From what I can gather from their site, although my Dutch is rusty, they aren't available in the U.S. Let's hope they are soon because all of these designs are too cute for words.

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