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11 Meaningful Moments from 2011


Did you know about Cindy Crawford's skincare line? To spread the word about her anti-aging products the team at her brand, Meaningful Beauty devised a wonderful give-back program called 11 Meaningful Moments from 2011. Here's ours:

We're giving back this year by posting this video. I'm one of 11 bloggers who were given the chance to raise $200 for the charity of my choice. I picked Baby Buggy is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. Founded by Jessica Seinfeld, the charity has gotten thousands and thousands of new and gently used items in the hands on NYC's neediest families.

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This year has seen the expansion of Baby Buggy to LA and a slew of charitable partnerships. I admire the creativity, energy and passion of this organization. In tough economic times, Jessica and her dedicated staff have made a huge difference in the lives of so many moms. To find out more, visit

In addition to giving $200, I'm spreading the wealth. In the spirit of "paying it forward" I'm sharing this program with Audrey McClelland. With her post she'll receive a $100 donation to the charity of her choice. To learn more about Meaningful Beauty, Cindy Crawford's skincare line visit


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