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Teens in Braces

Teens in Braces

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. Full disclosure.

Currently I have one daughter with a palate expander and another one who will be getting her first consulting visit before the end of the year. I’m in it BIG TIME.

And I’m not alone. When I gather with my mom-friends to swap resources and talk mom guilt, this topic has come up a lot. It’s a big decision--the when, who and how of orthodontic care. Oh, and there’s also the money issue.

I’m not alone. Right now there are more than 4 million teens in braces. Straight teeth are the norm in our society. Crooked teeth make you self conscious and can lead to bigger dental issues down the road. The teenage years are the time to invest in research and care.

On my journey to find the best options for my kids, I’ve been researching Invisalign Teen® clear aligners. I’ve already shared how Invisalign Teen can help my girls feel more confident. Now it’s time to talk about why mom needs to take the lead on this. Here are several rules you need to keep in mind when doing your research.

Teens in Braces Things to Ponder:

1. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your teen’s teeth

Orthodontic care for your child should be about finding the best value that meets your teen’s needs, so don’t cut corners. Look at it this way. Fad diets never work, quick fixes aren’t the answer. Staying healthy requires a commitment to eating well and exercise. I invest in a trainer that I work with every week and I shop and cook for the best food for our family. The same thing goes with orthodontic care. Paying a little more for great care makes sense.

When it comes to big important purchases like straightening your teen’s teeth, you don’t want to take chances. You want to check treatments for a track record of success, because you can’t always get a do-over! Plus, what kid wants to get braces put BACK on. That’s a nightmare.

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2. Do Your Research

Since we were kids there have been new advances in technology. Teeth straightening no longer has to require a mouth full of metal. I remember the days of getting food trapped in my teeth in the lunchroom and sore gums.

Our girls are lucky that they have options that look great and feel great. That’s why I’m looking into Invisalign Teen clear aligners. It’s a custom-made series of clear, comfortable aligners that are worn over teeth and are changed every two weeks while teeth gradually shift into place. They’re removable and virtually invisible, so there is less social awkwardness to impact your teen's confidence and self-esteem during an already vulnerable time.

Invisalign Teen is the only clear aligner specifically designed for teens to straighten teeth. They have a proven track record for safe and effective treatment. In the hands of the right doctor, Invisalign can treat anything braces can.

3. How Much Will it Cost!

Doctors recommend that you get your child in for a first check up with an orthodontist around age 7. That’s also a great time to start a little orthodontic slush fun. Even $25 a month can help. It’s likely going to cost more than a thousand dollars. If you can sock away a ”great smile” fund, you’ll be well on your way.

Once you are working with a doctor, look into spreading out your payments. We do ours monthly and put it on a reward-miles credit card. This softens the blow of the treatment cost.

Being thoughtful with your plan can go a long way towards making sure your kids have a great experience. Like all the other parenting things we do, orthodontic care can be taken care of in a pain-free way!


Interested in Invisalign treatment for your teen? Click here to find a qualified doctor near you.

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