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Teen and Confidence Study

teen confidence survey

I am an Invisalign Teen® brand spokesperson and all opinions expressed are my own. I’m sharing this Teen Confidence Survey as a service to parents.

Think your kids have it easy? Think again. I’m looking over the Teen Confidence survey that popped up in my radar and I’m concerned. The social pressures on our kids are intense. I’m looking for ways to keep my girls confident during their teenage years. These two are already in tweendom and the teen years are right around the corner.

tweens and confidence

Here's what I found out in my research. The Invisalign Teen brand commissioned a survey of over 5,000 teens and moms to understand and compare their feelings on teasing, peer pressure and the impact acne, braces, and body changes has on a teen self confidence. These were ALL important to me when I was a teen.

Of course I'm teaching my girls that beauty comes from within, but let's be real--the outward version is what people notice first. Yes, all the things we as moms worry about...Invisalign wants to talk about them.

Teens and Confidence Study

teens and texting statistics

The data highlights that while our kids face many of the same issues that teens have for generations (skin worries, etc). they have new ones to worry about. As a teen, I didn't get bombarded with selfies and worry about how I looked on my videos.

I believe that social media puts added pressure on our kids. Every selfie has to be perfect with the just-right light and filters, showing them happy and surrounded by friends. Life doesn't work like that.

What's more, they study showed that 40% feel their appearance is being judged more closely on social media than in person. The survey also revealed that teens put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves to fit in and that appearance plays a larger role in confidence than we may want to admit.

teens and popularity

What We Can Do

Oh, if only our kids were judged by what's in their hearts--wouldn't that be awesome. That's not how it works, typical teen appearance issues like acne or crooked teeth have a major negative impact on teen self-confidence. We can build them up by supporting their interests and hobbies and by giving them outlets that aren't critiqued on social-media. We can also model the behavior we expect from them--leading with kindness and compassion.

But at the end of the day, we can give them a boost when it comes to appearances. Because it matters. Let's talk about the perception gap. The majority of teens (57%) think that crooked teeth are embarrassing vs. only 23% of Moms. But while 41% of teens feel wearing traditional braces is embarrassing, only 18% of moms agree. We parents think it's not a big deal to have braces. Teens think differently. We need to listen.

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Unbrace Teen Confidence

Boost Teen Self Confidence

To help bridge the gap between teens and parents, Invisalign Teen collaborated with parenting expert and author Erika Katz. Erika helped put together a free interactive guide called "Unbrace Teen Confidence." The guide shares facts from the survey alongside tips to help teens build a foundation of self-esteem. It's a great resource.

What We Know about Teens and Confidence

One big solution is to check out Invisalign Teen treatment. The Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten teeth without metal wire and brackets, giving teens confidence while improving their smile.

teen confidence survey

Little things matter. When it comes to appearances, it is two times more likely for teens using Invisalign Teen clear aligners to experience a boost in self-esteem than teens wearing traditional braces.

According to the study, 40% of teens think that wearing traditional braces would have or has had a negative impact on their self-confidence, while just 13% say this about Invisalign Teen treatment. I think the boost is worth exploring don’t you?

I can’t make everyone in the world be nice to my girls (if only!) and I can’t protect them from snarky mean girls, but I can give them confidence by helping them be the best that they can be both inside and outside.

Who it Works For

>Invisalign Teen clear aligners can correct the most common and complex teeth straightening concerns. Did you know Invisalign Teen is just as effective and costs about the same as traditional braces? And if kids feel good wearing them, they will wear them and get great results. Clinical data from orthodontists confirms that teens wear their aligners on average of 21 hours per day, just as recommended for best results.

How it Works

Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten teeth without metal wire and brackets. Remember the mouth full of metal we had growing up? That's all gone!

Invisalign Teen clear aligners are virtually invisible. Not all orthodontists specialize in treating teenagers with Invisalign Teen, so click >here to “find an experienced Invisalign Teen doctor” in your area.

Go to the >Unbrace Teen Confidence site to view and download the free parenting guide, view the complete survey and learn more about what teens and moms have to say about confidence. Also, read more here about starting your kids to a great path of dental health.

This is a sponsored post.

The makers of Invisalign clear aligners commissioned the Teen Confidence Survey to understand how teens and their moms really feel about braces and its affect on teen self-esteem. The Invisalign Teen Confidence survey was conducted in 2014 and polled 3,577 US teenagers ages 13-17 and 2,118 US mothers of teens ages 13-17, plus an oversample of 101 mothers of teens ages 13-17 who wear or have worn Invisalign Teen clear aligners. The survey was conducted on behalf of the makers of Invisalign Teen clear aligners by Kelton, a leading global consumer insights and research firm.

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