2009 Toy Preview

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I know we are all knee deep in holiday shopping for '08, but I am lucky enough to get to glimpse into the future. Right now I am blogging from Time Square at the preview event for International Playthings. They've been around for over 40 years bringing a slew of toys into our homes.

I'll definitely be talking about these toys in 2009, but to give you a sneak peak, I'm attaching two photos. First, from the Early Years line, I'm loving the Taggies Fishin' set. These soft toys have lots of fabric tags for babies to touch and the idea of incorporating a game of fishing intrigues me.

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Fans of the Calico Critter line will have many reasons to cheer in the new year. In addition to new furniture, a huge doll house and other accessories, a new panda family is moving into town.

For 2008 shopping check out the Calico Critters Norwood Mouse Family ($25) Taggies Animal Friends Stacker ($27).

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