Zip Lining in Vermont

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Time in the country doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be down right thrilling. This summer we travelled to Vermont's Essex Culinary Resort & Spa (click for the full review) to escape the heat of the city.

While munching our way through the weekend, we took a break from the indoor fun to check out the Northern Lights zip lining and ropes course. There's something for every age and the facility is right next to resort (it's literally steps away, no need for a car). There's a playground, two rock walls and that's just getting started.

We started climbing a big telephone pole and jumped off--they call it the "leap of faith" we call it "woo-hoo!" My daredevil tried it, the little one opted out. That was cool--no pressure here. Everyone can choose the challenge that suits. Our small group had a private guide--he let us pick the pace of the outing and the course we took. For the next two hours, we were able to chart our adventure. The rate was $75/person for our group.

zip line in vermont

After the pole, we tried the "Giant Swing" we clipped one of our team members in and then hauled her up 40 feet to the top of the swing. She pulled the release and whoosh! My little one opted to swing from about 10 feet. Again, you pick the the adventure.

little one on the rope swing

Next up was the High Course, we climbed nets to the next challenge. We were up 42 feet in the air. We were all hooked into safety lines, and it was time to have fun.

zropse course

The course was a good mix of learning through challenge. For the little one, the wide balance beam was a good way to test the waters, my older daughter was ready for more.

helping on ropes course

For us, the next step was team work. We attempted Pipe Dreams. We had to work together to weave our way through and around the hanging pipes. As she becomes a tween, I know I'll have to let go more and more. This course was a perfect way to connect without words, she knew I was there for her and we had to team up to get across the wires.

tight rope walking

The final rush? The big zip line--a 450' drop back to base camp. If you're looking for a break from the normal beach vacation, check out Northern Lights.

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