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Every summer the Momtrends team gathers for our annual summit. We use this time to pool our resources and tap into the nitty gritty of our business. It is a time to really reflect upon the practices of the company. This year we headed to Tucson, Arizona to the beautiful, and quite peaceful Canyon Ranch Spa & Resort. Canyon Ranch feeds the soul...plain and simple. It helps you restore inner harmony and find that oh so necessary work life balance.

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Finding and maintaining work life balance is one part of the Momtrends' philosophy. Choosing a destination for our summit that underscores that philosophy was no accident. In fact, once we had arrived at Canyon Ranch, we felt the destination had actually chosen us. It was beyond perfect.

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Creating work life balance is no easy feat. The thought of any spa service sounded appealing, yet when I looked at the many choices offered by Canyon Ranch, I hardly knew which suited me best. I did not need to worry about the many choices. When I called to arrange my spa appointments, I was greeted with care, sensitivity and heartfelt customer service. My service provider asked me several questions to guide me into choosing the spa services that were just right for me. Not only did she take her time with me, she walked me through all of the resort's offerings and made sure I knew what to expect from my stay at Canyon Ranch.

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The two spa services I chose were the Canyon Ranch massage and the Pure Anti-Aging Facial. The very essence of the Canyon Ranch spa induces a relaxed aura of peace and calm. The facilities are immaculate and there is such a wide range of accommodations that you feel pampered, and most importantly, cared for. At no time did I feel rushed or uneasy. Both of my spa specialists were professional, informative and accommodating. They checked in with me regularly, but not enough to interrupt or disturb the peaceful calm that had overcome me. As a regular at the spa (well, given my three littles, I am a little rusty...) I found the spa services that I experienced at Canyon Ranch to be fulfilling, enriching and certainly full of positive energy.

canyon ranch spa, spa services canyon ranch, travel, arizona, canyon ranch spa and resort

After the services I truly felt refreshed, relaxed and restored. After my anti-aging facial my skin was glowing, hydrated and looked noticeably different. My masseuse was so adept at finding all of the parts where I hold my stress, that it took me a few minutes to be able to walk and stand. The Canyon Ranch spa services enabled me to clear my mind, focus on my body and well-being and nurture the work life balance that is so important to success.

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For a tour of the Canyon Ranch spa experience, check out our video!

All opinions expressed are our own. Momtrends was not compensated for this post but did receive accommodations from Canyon Ranch Spa and Resort.

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