What to Pack When Traveling with Baby

What to Pack When Traveling with Baby

New mama going away for the first weekender? I know I struggled the very first time I decided to pack up and go on an overnight trip with our son. Traveling with a young child can be stressful but it doesn't have to be.

With a little planning and "a- lot- of -things- are -not- going- to- go- as -planned" attitude, you'll be able to get away and actually enjoy it! If I had to do it all over again, what would I pack? Besides packing only one more set of clothes, diapers, and pajamas than I think I would need,(seriously, you can always wash and rinse in the sink) here's my list. At first glance it may seem TOO short, but unless you are traveling to the middle of nowhere, chances are things that you might need in extreme cases, will be readily available.

What to Pack When Traveling with Baby

1. Food: Depending on the age of your child, you'll need to pack more than enough food. Remember your young child's routine will temporarily be disrupted, having healthy readily available snacks on hand will make traveling more pleasant. I love Ella's KitchenOrganic pouches. They freeze easily for a cool snack, are super portable, resealable and although I normally don't do disposable, I must admit they are super convenient for traveling.

2. Water: We always pre chill our SIGG bottles, fill them with purified water so that we have BPA free, clean water to drink, wash fruit, hands etc. Nursing mamas need to stay hydrated to keep up a healthy milk supply. Non nursing mamas will need fresh water to mix bottles.

3. Carrier: Being able to carry your baby on you will make your traveling baby more comfortable, both physically and emotionally. New surroundings can be quite overwhelming for a young child so carrying them close will bring them much comfort. It also helps to carry them near when trying to eat a meal out, sight see, hike and just be on the go. At times and in certain situations, we found it much less confining than a stroller and it made kept baby content while we were on the move. We love our Ergo carrier - it is super comfortable, made from organic cotton and easily adjustable. (newborn insert sold separately)

4. Muslin wrap: We love Aden and Anais muslin wraps (check out their new organic line) because they are so versatile. Use them as a lightweight blanket, a swaddle wrap, nursing cover or ground cover. They wash so nicely and dry very quickly.

5. Baby Products: I choose to pack my own lotions, sunscreen (babies over 6 mths or where recommended) and body washes. A baby's skin is very absorbent and delicate, better to have organic, safe and effective products on hand for baby. I prefer Dr. Bronner's AIO for washing and it works great if the need for hand washing arises. I love Dolphin Organics new sunscreen and favor Earth Mama, Angel Baby products as well.

6. Stroller: It may seem obvious to take a stroller but THE type of stroller you take with you makes all the difference. For a bulk item, you need your stroller to be multi functional. Even with a two 1/2 years old, we only travel with our Stokke Xplory. We love it because we can use it as a highchair, a comfy ride (even goes over low piled sand) and it is perfect for napping. For a young baby, you wouldn't need to worry about an additional place to sleep as the Xplory would be perfect for an overnight snooze. The sun coverage is second to none and it is easy to maneuver.

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