Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

walk the brooklyn bridge

One of the iconic things to do while in NYC is to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. The walk will take about 30 minutes (depending on how little your kids are) and you won't soon forget it!

This family-friendly jaunt is perfect for the stroller set. An object or beauty, the bridge was opened in 1883 and it's been bustling ever since. There's a dedicated walkway for pedestrians, try to keep to the non-bicycle side. As we show you, all you'll need is a good pair of sneakers and about an hour for this free, fun and educational excursion.

Here's a video talking you through the journey.

Tips for walking the Brooklyn Bridge:

1. Try to go to the bathroom before heading out on this adventure. There aren't any port-a-pots on the bridge.
2. Dress in layers. It can be cooler on the bridge with big wind gusts. But once you warm up from walking, you might want to shed a layer.
3. Watch for cyclists. They might not be looking out for kids who dart out from the pedestrian lane. Be alert at all times. I don't recommend headphones.
4. Go at off-peak hours. Before 9 and after 6 are idea. Plus, you'll have amazing light for your photos.

brooklyn bridge walk

I wouldn't recommend taking City Bikes over the bridge. It's really narrow in the cyclist lane. Better to rent a bike in DUMBO and ride along Pier 6. You might also want to bring a bottle of water. There are vendor on the bridge, but they might also charge you $3 for a bottle.

Stop of souvenirs along the way or at the base of the Bridge in on the Brooklyn side. There's a photographer named Leo who has an art set-up at the base of the stairs that lead to DUMBO. If you miss the stairs to DUMBO, you'll end up in Downtown Brooklyn, not a catastrophe, but also not as pretty at DUMBO.

For the most part, the bridge is stroller friendly. Be prepared for the two flights of stairs that lead down to DUMBO. I think a sling or baby carrier is better for the walk. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready for fun!

Photo Tip: There are large areas at the base of the two top spans. This is the safest place to stop and shoot a photo. Try to make it midway across to get the iconic photo of downtown NYC and the Freedom Tower.

Getting there: Take the 6 Train to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall walk to to top of the stairs and look for the bridge. For more information on NYC subways visit http://www.mta.info/

Getting home: Take the A/C at High Street in Brooklyn.

Once you're in DUMBO be sure to head to Jane's Carousel for a ride. We also love Jacques Torres for a sweet treat and Almodine for the best croissants outside of Paris. And if you look around you might spot me! DUMBO is my home town!

This is not a sponsored post.

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