Traveling Without the Kids?

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Taking a vacation without the kids can be a great boon for a marriage, but this feat takes some planning. One of the first things you'll need to do is secure childcare and take care of a medical authorization form at or This form will allow grandparents, babysitters or your friends to be prepared and informed in case your child has a medical emergency while you are away.

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I met with the founder, Linda Kagan, esquire and mom of two, to talk about this important detail. As you'd expect, the idea was born out of necessity. As a lawyer/mom Linda wanted to have all her bases covered before she went on a trip to Israel without her kids. She couldn't find a adequate form, so she devised her own legal document listing all her kids' important details (doctors, allergies, health care info., etc) and had it notarized. With this taken care of, Linda was able to put some of her worries behind her. If something happened, her family would know how to care for the children and get speedy medical care.

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I used last year when the hubby and I went to Paris without the kiddies (woo-hoo). This site allows you to fill out a form right on the website and download the finished document. I used the Medical Care Authorization Affidavit ($16.95) and I appreciated all the customized details I could enter into the document (past medical history, allergies, etc.). When done, I hit print and took the printed document to a notary. Forms4Parents gives you a quick and tidy form to work with--if you like computers. The new site allows parents to order pre-printed forms for $14.95. These forms come in the mail and can be filled out in pen and then notarized (to find a notary, Linda suggests visiting your local bank branch).

It's all in the details with these forms--be sure to pack in all the information you can. And in addition to forms for traveling parents, Linda's sites also have consent forms for babysitters, children traveling alone or with grandparents and much, much more. Basically, if you have a concern, she's got the form. So if you're going through all the trouble to plan a kid-free vacation do your best to leave the worries behind. I'm thrilled that Linda is a sponsor of Momtrends and feel very confident recomending her site.

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