Traveling with Kids: Don't Forget to Pack These Preschool Games!

Pack These Preschool Games

All year we dream about our summer trip to my husband's lake house. We spend the entire two weeks mostly barefoot, sometimes bathing only in the lake and eating far too many cheeseburgers and ice cream. The only real rule: the TV stays off.

Pack These Preschool Games

One of my favorite night time activities is to play board games and I'm so excited that my daughters are getting old enough to join in. This summer, I'll pack a few games that are geared for preschoolers. I see us sitting on the deck, looking out at the lake, playing these games with a bunch of friends and family. (Probably a few of us will be drinking my father in law's homemade blueberry wine, too.)

Big Top is a game for ages three and up so my youngest daughter could join the fun. What five colors and five animals are missing from the circus cards? First, discover which color and animal isn't there and then find the card that combines both - before your opponent!

Your cupcake lover will love a game that incorporates decorating cupcakes with matching shapes. Take the Cake comes with a sprinkle shaker, pretty sprinkles in colorful shapes, and cards printed with yummy cupcakes. Shake the sprinkle shaker and match your sprinkles to your cupcake. Collect the most cupcakes and you win!

Play charades with your kids with Kids on Stage. Each player gets to act out animals, objects or actions while the other players guess. This version comes in a handy travel tin.

The Storybook Game is perfect for kids who are always asking you to tell them a story. The game comes with a stack of cards with a picture on each card. Turn over a card and let the picture inspire a story, add a line to the story with each new card.

The Ladybug Game teaches math skills while the ladybugs have an adventure trying to reach their home. The first one home wins! The Ladybug Game uses a clever combination of colors, numbers, words, and symbols so even the youngest player understands the rules.

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