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Tips to Making Your Hotel Stay Just Like Home

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While we love to travell, it can also feel less like home and Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, being away from home can be a challenge for anyone. The good news is--you've already set yourself up for success by staying here! HYATT house is designed with you in mind, a place where you want to live, not just stay.

And, to help you feel even more comfortable while you're on the road, I've jotted down some of my best tips for feeling even more like a true resident at HYATT house. From making the most of small spaces to favorite items to pack that will help you feel right at home, these tips are designed to help make being miles from where you live feel much closer to how you actually live. Enjoy!

Making Your Hotel Stay Just Like Home

1. Sip and Enjoy
Pack your favorite tea bags or coffee grounds, whether you crave espresso or chai, one sip of your favorite coffee or tea will evoke memories of home and start your day off on the right foot. With an in-room coffee/tea maker, you can enjoy your morning drink while getting ready for your day.

2. Add Color and Life
Buy yourself flowers at a local deli, florist or roadside stand, especially if you're staying for more than a day or two. Herbs in a pot or your favorite violets on the counter or by the window will add color and life to your room, making it feel much more like home. If you don't want to pack or buy a vase, consider using the glass pitcher in your HYATT house suite, or use that empty milk jug or jar of jelly you were going to throw out!

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3. Relax
Place a dab of essential oil, like lavender, on the pillows or towels when you arrive. This simple little trick will help relax your mind and body, plus, the soothing scent will help you settle into your new room in no time.

4. Work and Play and Sleep
If you're working from your hotel room, it's important to make separate spaces for work, play and sleep, just like you would at home. With separate bedrooms and spacious living areas, HYATT house makes it easy to find dedicated spaces for business or personal activities. So,
even though it may be pretty tempting to send emails in your PJ's from bed, take advantage of the hotel's unique suite layout to keep your real-life routine rolling.

5. Treat Yourself
Travel can be stressful, even if it's for pleasure. Do one extra thing for yourself that you wouldn't normally do, like drinking your favorite beer while watching the game, meditating for a few minutes, or watching the sunrise. You might be surprised, but doing something out of the ordinary while on the road just might make you feel more like yourself!

6. Stay Organized
When staying at a hotel, many times you're living in a space much smaller than your own home, which means organization is key. Just like you have those drawers or spaces at home dedicated to your odds and ends (at my house we call it the junk drawer!), it's important to find a similar space at your hotel, especially if you're staying for an extended period of time.

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