Tips for Saving up for the Next Vacation

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I admit I am addicted to travel. We simply love planning trips at least four or five a year. Coordinating all the details can be tricky. So I've been checking out a travel planning site called

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A new feature is the Yaycations Calculator. This is a nifty tool that helps you find simple ways to cut back spending and put new-found funds toward planning and taking trips. The categories range from coffee and shoes to gadgets and gym membership, and they will show you amazing places you can go. Did you know that cutting back on your five lattes per week (at $3.50 a pop) can put $910 into your trip savings account? That'??s a flight to Europe! I'm a shoe girl myself. So I played around a bit and saw I could save $160 by cutting back on my spending.

In addition to this calculator, they have plenty of articles (check out the money saving tips for family travel) and excellent tools to keep all your online travel searches organized. The main biz of the site is the TravelPlanner. It is a search engine that comes up with itineraries to match your desires.

I entered all my details in the hunt for an "experiential, romantic, and outdoor" vacation. TravelMuse came up with Prague, Provence and Barcelona and a few other places we've already been. Considering we've seen Thailand, Burma and Bhutan, I was not especially impressed with these suggestions. But if you are new to the world of trip planning, this is a good site to get your feet wet.

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