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Hurrah! You've booked the vacation and are ready to explore with the kids. Naturally everyone will need sleep--mom included. We've got some tips to make sure everyone comes back from vacation rested and relaxed.

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Sleep Tips while Traveling with Kids

Sleep Tips while Traveling with Kids

Here are ten pro tips to make traveling with kids a lot easier this summer.

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  1. Pick the Right Flights: Time zone changes can be tough on kids. Respect the naps and bedtimes of your kids and travel accordingly. Connecting flights are hell on schedules.
  2. Stick to a Schedule: Just like at home opt for the same routine on the road. If it's dinner, bath and story--try to replicate the same experience on the road. Giving kids the familiar at least once a day will help them feel confident with all the new surroundings.
  3. Regroup Daily: Late nights are troublesome. Sure we all get off course. Try to right the ship the next day and get the kids in bed at the same time.
  4. Comforts of Home: Bring cool, comfortable pjs and be sure to bring at least one bedtime book from home. We travel with Goodnight Moon. (Note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  5. Prep the Room: Ask the hotel to kid-proof the room. Often they will provide a soothing CD, night lights and safety plugs. I like these mini white noise machines for travel. (Note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  6. Pack Right: If you're camping, pick a sleeping bag that has been tested. We love the Kelty Kids Sleeping Bag(Note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  7. Bring Some Comfort: Pack at least one comfort toy from home. Ideally, it will be a toy that has a back-up back at home. A familiar friend will make the night time ritual more authentic. We love the Sophie giraffe, it's so gripable and cute. (Note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  8. Get a Secure Space. Try a tried-and-true portable crib will make a trip much easier. Try the Lotus crib. (Note: this is an Amazon Affiliate link)
  9. Set Realistic Expectations: Travel time is not ideal for change. Don't combine potty training or sleep training and travel. 
  10. Roll with It: Not everyone is going to get a great night of sleep the first night at a hotel. Don't forget your sense of humor if all the kids end up in the grown-up bed.
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