#SkiMoms Ultimate Family Ski and Snowboard Travel Guide


There's nothing like the family bonding that happens on the slopes. For our family, it's a chance to unplug and re-connect. We can't get enough of the thrills...and spills of skiing. That why I've teamed up with Andrea at SavvySassyMoms and Kim-Marie at LuxuryTravelMom to bring you the biggest and best Ultimate Family Ski & Snowboard guide.

Between the three of us, we've covered dozens of mountains and tested mountains of gear. We want you and your kids to have the most amazing ski experience this season so we're sharing all our ski mom wisdom. We've taken the guess-work out of where to go and what to bring. Don't miss the interviews with our favorite ski parents including Olympians Sarah Schlepper and Johnny Moseley. There's even a downloadable packing list!

If you've never tried a family ski trip, we hope this is the year you take your kids to the mountain. If you are a die-hard snow mama, we hope you try a new hill, or that this renews your love of the sport.


Please, leave us feedback on what you'd like to see next year and let us know what your favorite mountain is. Also, be sure to join our #SkiMoms chats on social media.

Think Snow!

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