Schleich Toys


We're not above bribery. Especially when it comes to travel and keeping the kids well-behaved and well-entertained. Schleich sent along a few mini Scenery Packs for us to test on a recent trip to Boston. The review? Better than a hotel pool and room service when it came to entertainment.

The German brand designs life-like plastic toys that are meant to be as naturalistic as possible. We knew about the fairies and wizards, and we've long been fan of the farm animals. Since we aren't likely to adopt a dog or bunnies anytime soon, we enjoy giving the girls mini pets from Schleich for them to dote on.


Our kids love animals and setting up "scenes" where they can imagine the setting and create a story line. The two girls each got a set--Rabbits and Dogs. Both sets are new for summer. Each set contains a specially designed article which cannot be bought separately. In the dog set, the exclusive item is the agility course for the bunnies it's the hutch. Either pick makes a lovely treat for the plane, car or hotel room.

Expect to pay about $22-$26 per set. Buy on Amazon.

Momtrends was not paid for this post we did get samples and we're not sharing.

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