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Scandinave Spa Whistler BC

Scandinave Spa Whistler BC Canada

I became a fan of the Scandinave Spas on my visit to the Tremblant location a few years ago. This year, when I planned a trip to Whistler, BC to take my daughter to ski camp (yes, there is a summer ski camp - long story and you have to be knee-deep into race culture), I did a bit or research and discovered a Scandinave Spa near the Four Seasons Whistler Hotel.

Why go off property to a spa when the Four Seasons has a great spa right on facility? Well, the acres and acres of pristine nature are the draw for me.

The drive took all of 8 minutes to get from the village area of Whistler Mountain to Scandinave Spa Whistler BC. The spa resides right in the Fitzsimmons Range, located on the northwestern edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park. The Scandinave Spas are all located in stunning spots, you go for the experience in nature as much as the therapies.

Scandinave Spa Whistler BC

Why You Need a Spa Day

I'm a busy Mom Boss - I work hard at my business and put my heart and soul into my family. When I'm on vacation, I'm always planning, prepping and making sure the family is well taken care of. The thing is, a vacation can whip by without making time for self care. That's a problem.

No one loves a martyr. Feeling resentful about your vacation being all about the little people is no way to live. I give you full permission to plan a day just for yourself. For me, self care and spa time go hand in hand.

If money and time were no object, I would have a weekly massage. The healing power of touch is so important to me. I'm always ready to try out a spa and I do my research. There's nothing more disappointing than a so-so massage. Scandinave Spas hunt down the most talented professionals. I've now had two excellent massages at their properties.

My pick is the classic Swedish Massage. My therapist was adept at working out the stress I retain in my upper back and neck. She worked out all sorts of knots and checked in with me periodically to make sure the pressure was sufficient. Massages start at $165 - well priced for a resort destination.

The massage room is quite scarce with a single window over-looking the mountains. On the downside, there was a plaster patch on the wall of my therapy room. I would like to see the Scandinave Spa Whistler BC upgrade the rooms a bit with a fresh coat of paint, artwork and some spa-like touches like a silk eye pillow. What it lacked in decor, it made up in functionality. My therapist was capable, prompt and gracious.

hydrotheraphy benefits

The healing power of hydrotherapy

The massage is just the beginning of the visit. After my treatment I headed outside to the baths. I plan my visit to start off with a massage. Then I embrace the benefits of hydrotherapy.

At first the idea of a cold plunge scared me. As a rule, I don't enjoy cold water. But once I got the hang of this program of warming the body, cooling the body and then resetting, I truly love the benefits. After a day at the baths, I'm floating on air!

Here's how hydrotherapy works. It's about a cycle:

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10-15 minutes: Warm the Body
Use the European steam bath, the wood burning Finnish sauna, the thermal waterfall of the outdoor salt water hot bath (my favorite!) to heat up your body and ease your weary muscles.

20-30 seconds: Refresh and Rinse
This is the tough one. I never make the full 30 seconds. The easiest one is the cold shower—pull the cord and boom! cold! The Nordic Waterfall is a cool and the cold salt water bath takes some resolve to wade into water that cold. After this you will feel tingly all over. As my husband says, "it makes you feel alive!' This gets your blood moving!

15 minutes or more: Relax
Don't skimp on this. After the cold experience, find someplace cozy to curl up and allow your pulse to reset. Many people take little cat naps, I opted for a bit of reading. The hammock area was the best. There are also indoor solariums, outdoor terraces with spectacular views and outdoor fireplaces. Slow down and listen to what your body is telling you.

Hammock Haven Scandinave Spa

Give Yourself Time to Breathe

To get the most out of the experience, do this rotation 3-4 times. Don't rush the process. The point is slowing down and going at a pace that works for your. I loved how I immersed myself into nature during this visit. I came out of my visit floating.

And if you are on a time crunch or budget crunch, you can skip the massage and just give yourself 2 hours to do the baths. The cost of the baths is $65 - a bargain for a luxury experience.

Scandinave Spa Whistler BC Lounge

If you get a bit peckish from all the relaxing, pick up a snack at the small cafe on the property. The cafe is situated in a lovely indoor lounge area. The bites are healthy and nourishing. It's not just bird food.

Another functional note. There is an enormous locker area (one for women, one for men) to stash your gear. You'll get a lock from the front desk to secure your belongings (phones are not allowed on property—I snuck mine in for review purposes).

How Much Time will you Need?

Plan on 3-4 hours to make the most of your visit. 15 minutes to check in, 60 minutes for your massage, and then each hydrotherapy loop will take you 30 minutes.

What should I bring?

A swimsuit (sadly you can't go au naturale) and flip flops, plus any of your own toiletries. There is lotion provided, but no deodorant and I found the shampoo and condition less than enthralling. Towels and robes are provided.

Can kids come?

Remember that part about this being relaxing? This experience is for adults 19 and over.

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Get more details and plan your visit here

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