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Road Trip Sanity Savers

Anyone hit the road this spring break -- and then wonder why on earth you decided to lock yourself in the car with your offspring for hours on end?! Instead of swearing off road trips with your brood again, check out some of our favorite road trip sanity savers.

Some times, all it takes is a simple gadget to make your traveling life easier. Here are four my family's been test driving on our latest travels.

Road Trip Sanity Savers

Hands-free backseat movie watching - Over the years, our family has gone through more portable DVD players than I'd like to admit. Since most of our movies are now on the iPad anyways, I was thrilled to come across the iBolt TabDock 2 Headrest Viewer. This simple device fits most headrests and most tablets between 7"-10" (including iPad, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, Asus VivoTab Note 8), allowing you to turn your iPad into a headrest mounted video player. No more fighting about who gets to hold the screen. No more bent neck syndrome from staring down at the tablet for a two hour film. The iBolt TabDock 2 Headrest Viewer is simple to install, detachable, has adjustable viewing angles, works in conjunction with most tablet cases, and costs less than $40. A road trip win!

iBolt TabDock2

No more noodle neck! My family often does long road trips that can have us driving 8-10 hours a day (usually the first or last day). My kids are pretty good about snoozing in the car when needed, but I hate to look in the rear view mirror and see their little necks all scrunched up in awkward angles or hanging low, unsupported. No more with the Cardiff Travel Headrest. This innovative product acts like the deep wings of your child's last car seat, providing a soft and supportive place to rest their head while you drive. The universal mount attaches to your existing headrest and can be adjusted to comfortable fit children of different ages and sizes - even adults! So whether you are driving cross country or just waiting for soccer practice to be over, your can snooze in comfort.

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Cardiff Travel Headrest

Moooom, can you buckle me in? I'm all about teaching my kids to be self-sufficient and do age-appropriate tasks on their own. But sometimes there are key pieces of gear that can make gaining that independence a little bit easier. MyBuckleMate is one of those - especially for all the ins/outs of bathroom breaks, food stops and gas-ups on a road trip. If you've ever contorted yourself into a pretzel trying to reach from the front seat to buckle one of your kids into the backseat, you'll love this product. This unique, mom-invented product clasps around the buckle's base, holding it securely in place so your child can buckle on her own, without the base flopping sidewise or slipping down between the seats. MyBuckleMate is perfect for kids in or out of boosters, can fit three across, and is designed so seats can be folded down without removing it. Available in black, gray, cream or tan, MyBuckleMate has been helping my kids buckle themselves in with ease and has saved my back from its daily contortion act.


I want to listen too! I'm just going to say it - headphones are a godsend on a long road trip. As much as I love The Lego Movie, I cannot listen to that song one. more. time. Which is why I love LilGadgets Connect+ Headphones. We've used and loved an older model of LilGadgets before but their newly designed Connect+ model is even better. Each headphones comes with a SharePort, a 3.5mm port on each ear of the headphone which allows your child to use them on his own - OR, for another child to connect her cord to the other port to listen as well. In other words, our family will never have to utter the phrase "Where's the splitter?" again, and all three of my boys can listen to the same thing. Plus the headphones come in an array of kid-friendly colors, are volume-limited to a safe 90db and are designed, sized, padded and durable enough for kids. Each pair also includes a microfiber carrying pouch, a 60" audio cord and LilGadget's 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let the car silence begin!

LilGadgets Headphones

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